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Chattanooga Area Technology Enthusiasts (C.A.T.E.)

The official site of the Chattanooga Area Technology Enthusiasts club (C.A.T.E.)  This club meets about once a month.  Members volunteer to give presentations on topics such as:


·         .NET

·         Java

·         Video Editing

·         Virtual Machine technology

·         Web development

·         Operating System previews (Windows, Linux, etc…)

·         HAM Radio

·         Anything else members have a technological interest in.

SoapBox debate forum

Debate anything and everything with a bunch of guys that know how to pick a fight on the least important topics. They're not too shy to back away from the biggies too, like abortion, religion, taxes, politics, race, law, grammar, the color of the sky, physics, Richard Simmons’ hair transplant, you name it. If you're timid though, step aside. This is not the place for you.


If you think you can handle the criticism, apply for membership.  The current arrogant league of members will test and judge you harshly to determine if you're worth debating with because they know your world revolves around their opinions.


Programming Stuff

Go here for programmer's downloads and information about programming.  Technologies planned to be showcased include:


·         C#/C/C++, Delphi, Kylix

·         .NET

·         Object Oriented Programming

·         Standards

·         Best Practices

·         Tips

·         Discussion Forums

·         Samples

·         Class Libraries

·         Linux

·         Windows

·         Database (MySQL, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2)

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